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It can take a little while to get used to 12 hour hand watches. You'll notice that they follow a precise indicator path making it not so hard to read the time. Some people even think it is easier than a two hand approach. Each indicator is placed 10 minutes apart. This isn't an ideal watch if you need too the minute precision (but in Spain who does?). However, it s a great style for when you want something more casual with a lot of hand-made character and a clean, classic looking dial. Because there aren't many Spanish watch makers that I am familiar with, it is hard to recognize a "Spanish" style. The look reminds me of a mixture of Italian and Bauhaus design watches. The  crownless look and solid lugs give the watch a very simple and inviting look. You can get dials that go from "instrument like" to quite minimalist. Pita is really nice about working with individual clients to achieve what is best for them. These are of course "luxury" watches, and such close attention from the makers is expected. Price isn't cheap, but it is much less than what you would expect from dealing directly with most Swiss or even German independent watch makers. The Pita Carousel prices ranges of course, but is in the ,000 range for the pictured version. Of course platinum will cost you more (though I really like the watch in gold).

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Paul Picot Technograph Wild 44mm Watch Available On James List

Paul Picot Technograph Wild 44mm Watch Available On James List

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The bezel is easily one of the best styled parts of the watch, certainly good looking. Twisting it is a bit hard, and the action could be a tad bit smoother, but it does not have any "give" and will not rattle around like cheap bezels will. The numbers and markers are actually engraved into the bezel, and the finish on the top of the bezel is an awesome almost gunmetal dark gray. The crystal is virtually flush with the case and the anti-reflective coating makes it really easy to read at angles.


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The dials of the Milus Tirion TriRetrograde may appeal busy, but are actually welcome. They have a depth to them, and a feeling complexity that you want in such a watch. The large, lume covered light color hands contrast well with the dial making them easy to read. Plus, you have the interesting stacked numeral hour markers on the dial. The TriRetrograde dials have hands that look like pulled back bows with arrows. The movement is a pleasure to operate. Even doing little things like adjusting the date feels fun and new. The movement as seen through the sapphire caseback window is well decorated. Likely a base ETA with a module on it - though I am not sure about the movement at this second.

The Split Rock collection watches are pretty cool and feature as 12 hour chronograph complication all put into one three hand subsidiary dial. Pretty cool right? The pushers are located on the right and left side of the case in a unique fashion. I like how it looks, and it appears pretty easy to use, just don't mistake it for another watch face. The watch itself uses skeletonized orange-red hands and a subsidiary seconds hand at the top. The watch isn't exactly the epitome of easy to read, but this is for style, and you can make out the time. Plus, the orange stitching on the black crocodile strap is always a chic sporty touch.

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Court Orders F.P. Journe To Pay Jaquet Droz Legal Costs In Lost Case Over Intellectual Property Rights

Court Orders F.P. Journe To Pay Jaquet Droz Legal Costs In Lost Case Over Intellectual Property Rights

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The U-Boat 925 sterling silver watches are for U-Boat watch enthusiasts, who demand a little extra. They will be produced in limited quantities and, as with the gold Classico models, offer the opportunity of customization with an engraving on the back of the case. The metal's softness and susceptibility to oxidation is an important aspect to note. While some may shy away from a watch that changes color slightly over time, the vintage style created by the "patina" (color created by the oxidization of silver) is the exact reason why many people have chosen these particular watches over their stainless steel counterparts.

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I last want to say that if this case occurred in the US, applying US law, I don't think the case would have lasted quite that long. European laws tend to be more protective of intellectual property when it comes to art (and watch design falls into that). In the US, really only copyright or trademark law could have applied. The use of screws on dials, and frames around subdials has been done before, and frequently. So have overlapping subdials. Thus, I feel that at least in the US, FP Journe would have had a really hard time finding an issue that contained a true question of the law in this regard in the first place   - let alone a 5 year long legal battle. Which again, is why you so infrequently see cases like this.

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So really, what are you left with in the Arlanch No I watch?  Not much in my opinion. The design is rather bleh if not 1950's drab, the size is too small, and the price, at over 00 (615 euros) is just way too high. If you like the design and the environmental gimmicks, then go for it I guess. You will get a gold watch, but it will be a really little one. Coolest part of the watch? The logo of the Arlanch brand.

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The dial is made up of various shades of Mother-of-Pearl, placed inside the sapphire plates, to reflect varying levels of luminosity, which completely transfix those even near this advanced timepiece. And at that point - after watching this watch in motion - who's really looking for the time?

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Orbita Sparta 1 Mini Watch Winder Review Luxury Items

This watch may be a sleeper hit in the watch world - and one of my favorite Marvin watches in their current collection. It has the feeling of a classic sport chronograph watch - but in a modern package. Sized large at 44mm wide, the steel case feels solid while the leather strap feels soft. Looking at the various colors on the dial, I am reminded by one of my favorite sport chronograph watches that are no longer made. The Zenith El Primero Rainbow. The name was a bit deceiving, as it didn't have THAT many colors in it, but enough to make the dial stand out more. The Marvin M103 watch shares that look. Most of the dial is black with the steel tones, while there are splashes of red, white, and yellow.

The watch curves around your wrist, which makes it very comfortable to wear. The natural rubber strap is specific to the Grand Ocean line of watches and also bears this name on the inside.

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The dial on these watches is thematically taken from U-Boat Flightdeck watches. I placed an image of one for you to see what I mean. Jorg Gray doesn't copy it, but rather places their own touches to the overall look. The dial design is crisp and straight forward. You see hands and fonts taken from U-Boat, which means the smaller subsidiary hands are squared off, while the hour and minute hands are large and easy to read. The chronograph subdials are recessed a bit, while the date window edges are tastefully sloped in that is an important touch. As for the date window, I would have maybe preferred that the date disc be black, but it being white makes it stand out a bit more. Meaning that from a style perspective black would have been better, but it would make it hard to find the date on the dial as your eyes would be left searching for it.

A while ago this interesting LED watch was being displayed as a concept in Japan. I talked about it here in my excitement. Myself, and many others got really excited at the concept - though it had a few questionable characteristics that seemed to keep it from being practical. The big issue being power consumption, that I did of course mention. 100% even did exactly what I suggested they do, and that is display the time "on demand." This way you can maximize battery life by only displaying the LED lights when you want to see them (by pressing some button most likely) - saving battery life. Not sure where the button is going to be placed though.

Orbita Sparta 1 Tesla Watch Winder Review Luxury Items Orbita Sparta 1 Tesla Watch Winder Review Luxury Items