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If there wasn't such a close fit between the watch holder and the inside of the winder this would be a perfect winder. It's silent, gentle and keeps the watch wound - what's not to like? It certainly holds some of the larger watches being made today, and I have no doubts it would work well for smaller watches that have bracelets sized for smaller wrists than I have. However, there are some watches with straps that will not work. This may be limited to larger watches with longer straps, as I can imagine shorter straps being able to squeeze the pillow more so there's more clearance.
If your watches fit properly in this winder I would certainly recommend it.

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I love watches that talk to me. I find them not only charming but practical as well. The complication originates from the era before electric lighting left us is its constant glare. At night or in low light situations, if the time couldn’t be seen, it could be heard.

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The first new Zenith watch of 2010 that I saw bored me to sleep at night. It wasn't a bad watch, but it just didn't do anything for me except remind of all the other watches that look like it. Now I learn about another new for 2010 timepiece that I actually do like (though it is not very practical). It isn't the neatest watch in the world, but it does take a very uncommon complication and places it into 1970s retro sport watch (why? Don't ask why... What? You know better than the Swiss?). Jaeger-LeCoultre released a watch with the same complication this year, but in a more classy traditional style watch. The complication is a foudroyante, and Zenith is specially equipped to make one. A foudroyante (also known as a "jumping seconds" watch) is a watch with a chronograph that is able to measure fractions of a second, done via a dedicated dial. The Jaeger-LeCoultre watch does more things as a watch, but doesn't have as fancy a foudroyante being able to measure only 1/6th of a second. Using its El Primero movement that runs at a higher rate of 36,000 beats per a minute, Zenith is able to measure 1/10th of a second because its movement beats 10 times per a seconds.

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You can move the HM4 around in all sorts of angles being able to easily see inside of it. The movement is a thing of beauty - designed specifically for the case, and very symmetrical. It has 72 hours of power reserve. This is one of the most artistic machines that MB&F has ever created. On the top of the movement (visible through the sapphire crystal) is the balance wheel, and on the other side of the watch is a visible bridge over a gear that is MB&F's signature battle axe shape. The movement is manually wound.

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Tech specs from MB&F:

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The timepiece comes in a 44mm wide steel case. Most of the case has a bead-blasted finish, which the bezel is brushed. With the screw-down caseback and screw-in crown, the case is water resistant to 200 meters and has a sapphire crystal. The fact that the people behind Praesto have been making watches for others for years shows as the overall execution and finish of the watch is good. It is sometimes common for newer brands to have "refinement" issues, not really here. The rear of the case is more or less flat, which the lugs are curved. It makes for a relatively secure and comfortable fit on the wrist. The crown of the watch has a nice Praesto "P" logo engraved in it.

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As you can see I have some images of a Seiko Active Martix EPD watch. This is the "show model" and is a concept - not the version that will be released (the image of that is at the top of this article). It is beautiful, sleek yet angular, and quasi futuristic. It is a futurized revision of their original 6 digit digital LCD display watch from way back when. The production model (at least for now) will be the above version like I said. While similar, it has a lot of changes. Which is actually good, cause it means that watch will likely not cost as much as if Seiko used the concept watch case and style. We want these to be affordable right? But if I was a betting man, I would wager that the concept watch from Baselworld 2010 might become a reality at some point (Japan only? Likely). It is just too nice not to consider for at least limited production.

The Cronoscopio Mark II watch is large at 48.5mm wide and in black steel (case is 200 meters water resistant and the crystal is of course sapphire). Like each of these watches, Anonimo uses a special Drass blackening process for the black toned steel. Note the non black pushers and large crown. I like the easy to read bubble style font that is anything but typical for an "instrument watch," yet does not feel out of place. Inside the watch is a Swiss ETA Valjoux 7750 automatic movement that has the subsidiary seconds dial removed for a bi-compax look. I would normally argue that Anonimo should have given the watch a black disc for the date and date, but the white tone fits here. Otherwise a pretty standard, yet nice watch. The watch also is available in a non-black polished steel version. Price is about ,000.

Tough for some people is going to be the price of the Mark VIII D 033 watch at,500. Yes, the piece is a limited edition of just 250 pieces, with the edition number engraved on the case side, but there are a lot of options in this range. Fans of Mr. Johansson's career and designs won't see too much stopping them. Plus, the brand is only getting better and I expect to see more polished watches and designs coming soon. From pro racer to pro watch designer, this is watch industry name... to watch. Oh, and imagine the watch on a cool (and available) python strap.

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In addition to the sapphire crystal on the dial and caseback, there is a curved crystal on the side of the case with a nice view into the happenings of the tourbillon. Everything about the watch aside from looking at it head on involves the movement and its beauty. At the same time, unlike other watches like the beautiful Greubel Forsey Double Tourbillon Technique, the 2Tourbillon 24 seconds doesn't have the most "open" of movements. Still, it is amazing to look at, even just the polishing.

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Christophe Claret Dual Tow NightEagle Watch

Then the economy tanked. I mean really tanked. It was hell on the luxury watch industry. Companies started laying off people like it was fashionable, and many doors closed for good. The global financial meltdown killed the desire to spend excessive amounts of money on luxury goods, especially watches. It was a do or die time to think about the future and form a new business model. The brands had a couple of problems. First, the Internet was screwing with their pricing models and their relationships with their retailers. Second, they were bloated. Overall, many of them had too many redundancies, inefficient cost structures, and a reliance on unreliable suppliers. It was really time to change things, especially while they didn't have watch sales to worry about.

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Now things get interesting with sapphire... the dial is sapphire as well. Black colored sapphire with three levels of superimposed elements on it. It should have glass-like finish to it, without too much glare, and the white numerals and hour indicators should "pop" really nicely. Hints of red color add to the sporty appeal. In addition to elements from other Bulgari designs, and Hublot, there is a little bit of Richard Mille influence in the mix.I have a feeling the dial will turn out to be quite great looking.

Seiko has paired the SNR005 watch a great bracelet. The links are fitted closely together for an almost seamless look, and it fits very tightly with the case. The three link design has the thinner outer links given a polished finish, while the thick inner link has a brushed finish. It makes for a handsome style that feels classy and conservative. I would however had liked the outer polished link to also be polished on the underside of the bracelet - where the bracelet has an all brushed finish. Not sure the reason this is, perhaps there is a good reason that I am not aware of. The most avant garde part of this watch is the case design, so the bracelet like I said, is simple and attractive. The bracelet has a butterfly push-button deployment clasp, that is simple to use. It gives the bracelet a seamless look while on the wrist. I appreciate that Seiko designed the bracelet with "half links." These are links that are smaller than the standard ones so that you can adjust the size of the bracelet a bit more precisely.

Let's go back to Spring Drive, the main event at this show. You notice some interesting differences when using the watch, even if you knew nothing about the movement. There is of course the "glide motion" seconds hand. Spring Drive has a seconds hand that sweeps smoother than anything you've seen before. This is because it is not based on a series of very small ticks like a normal mechanical movement. Instead, it moves forward in one continuous motion, without stop. It is a bit hard to return to less smooth seconds hands after having Spring Drive. Related to this is silence - the Spring Drive movement is silent. Like a car with an electric engine, you know it is working but you can't hear it. Some people enjoy the rapid "ticking" of a mechanical watch, and others are annoyed by it. Either way, you get pure serenity with this Seiko.


When: Saturday, March 20 and Sunday, March 21 at 14 h / 2:00 pm

-In order to highlight the Square Wheel and cloverleaf making up the principal cogs in the movement, it was decided to create a dial on the main plate itself (dial side)

It has been a few months since I was in Japan visiting with Seiko. Shortly thereafter I wrote about the Spring Drive versions of their newish and impressive Seiko Ananta line of watches. If you recall, Ananta is Seiko's first line of high-end watches for the world market. The watches totally changed my perception of the brand, and I think if you check them out they will change the way you look at Seiko as well. The Spring Drive watches aren't cheap. While they are a great value for the money, the Seiko Ananta Spring Drive Chronograph watch can still get up to the ,000 - ,000 range. This is a larger amount of money than many people are able to spend on a watch - an important point as Seiko is such a globally "worn" brand. In addition to the Spring Drive movement based watches, the Ananta line comes in three different automatic mechanical movement forms. If you don't know the difference between a Seiko Spring drive and normal automatic movement, I suggest you check out the article above, or search for "Spring Drive" on No time to get into that now. Going back to these three "other" Ananta watches, there is the Automatic Chronograph, Double Retrograde Automatic, and the Multi-hand Automatic. Each model has a lot of appeal, and the collection has prices well below the higher-end Spring Drive models.

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Next on the solar system list here is the Louis Moinet Meteoris Rosetta Stone watch. What does this mean? Well the rose gold watch has a dial that is made from the oldest meteorite found on Earth. It is the Sahara 99555 stone, and nicknamed the "Rosetta Stone" (no relation to the language tablets also known as the Rosetta Stone) and is said to be 4.5662 billion years old. According to the Institute for Planetology of Munster, Germany, this stone is thought to have originated from the planet Mercury.

Wristlet: Adjustable black rubber and Nomex strap with red stitching