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On the other hand you have the Bell & Ross BR01-92 Gold Ingot watch. A fashionably... gold, limited edition meant to celebrate a type of gold bar. I initially wrote about the Bell & Ross Gold Ingot watch here. I finally got to check the watch out, and it is really pretty neat looking. Yes, it is in solid 18k rose gold, and yes it is a luxurious bastard, but it is still a Bell & Ross BR01, and all that comes with it. The case, dial, numeral, crown, and hands are all in gold. The dial is in a nice Clos du Paris guilloche engraved pattern that looks hip on the 46mm wide beast. I really hate to say it, but I love this watch. I am not intoxicated by the swelling amounts of gold, it is just a great looking watch with a nice black alligator strap. Sure it costs ,000 or ,000 and is highly limited, but that is just part of its attitude.

While the desk is beyond cool, and for the watch lover who literally has almost everything, it is gonna be just one area to store watches. With just eight winders, and space for a limited (although high) amount of watches in the drawers, this is gonna be for pieces you want to play with a lot - and the rest are gonna be in a safe. Another question for some is how safe the desk is from intruders. Hopefully the drawers lock, and the contents inside the Thesaurus are safe from wandering hands that might take interest with your belongings when you are not around. It is for this reason that I don't have a shoe box labeled "gold" laying around. While this desk is incredibly cool, it might draw unwanted attention given its exclusive purpose to store expensive items. Price? Not quite sure. But from now on don't neglect picking up 0 dollars bills you see laying on the street when trying to save up for this uber furniture from Erwin Sattler.

Sinn Model 902 Limited Edition Watch

Sinn Model 902 Limited Edition Watch

The next two Ananta Automatic watches are both calendar watches. They are so similar and within 0 in price of each other that I don't totally understand why they both exist. They even have the same functions. Perhaps Seiko is testing out the popularity of the movements or the styles. The difference is in the layout of the features and the movement. The model that is more expensive further displays the information via two retrograde dials, as opposed to traditional dials. That is it. So really, you just need to decide which one you like.

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Of Armenian descent, John grew up in Lebanon, moved to Switzerland, and then eventually to the US. The obvious analog is Nicolas Hayek, “ruler” of the Swatch Group who didn’t quite make it to the US from Switzerland, and is also from Lebanon. Simonian speaks several languages, but isn’t quite sure where he picked up English. Among them are Arabic, Armenian, Turkish, French, German (Swiss German as well), and a spattering of words and conversational skills in others as well. Learning this makes me jealous that I only know two languages. It seems that many successful business people are multi-tongued.

Bell & Ross Vintage Original And Officer Watches For 2010 Watch Releases Bell & Ross Vintage Original And Officer Watches For 2010 Watch Releases

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There are different ways to buy a watch. You can order one online, or visit a store in town to get one. You can travel to a far off city to visit a rare brand boutique to see their luxury goods. Sometimes people work with other watch collectors to buy and sell coveted items to mix up their collection. Though one of the most celebrated experiences in the luxury watch tradition is what I call the client conference. A meeting between the watch maker and the customer to discuss the details of a new watch. Should it be a standard model. Perhaps with an engraving? A totally new variation on a classic look? Or perhaps the customer wants something totally unique. The rarest and most collectible watches exist people they were specially made - often at the bequest of a special client. The client conference is a meeting to discuss the production of something. Even if the choice isn't at all bespoke, the interaction between the producer and the customer creates a personal relationship between the buyer and the brand. This makes people customers for life, and enjoy a truer connection to what they are wearing.

Interview with Seiko's new US President, going over "what is going on with ETA," wearing the MB&F HM3 watch for a week, and more. Seriously people, we need an intern for HourTime! By the way, do you like this image better?

As I said in the past, I will repeat myself in saying that Seiko was wise in releasing the Ananta watches to  the world market for at least two reasons. First is that the watches are of the first Japanese watches for the world market that have a true sense of traditional Japanese aesthetic to them. A big part of this is in the connection to the famous katana, and the clever design around that theme. Second is that Seiko is finally offering to the world its fantastic higher-end watches. As of right now Japan still gets the highest-end Seiko stuff to itself, but that is slowly going to change I believe. With Ananta, the global market is starting to get a taste of the quality and level of performance that Seiko can offer, and Europe is likely cringing at the new tough competition when it comes to design, movement engineering, and of course price. The real hard part is educating consumers on how good these watches actually are. Experiences in certain retail locations such as Macy's where the average client is not an educated watch lover is that people are put off by the high price of the watches. This is only an issue because people don't understand who Seiko is targeting with the quality and features of these watches - as it is Swiss brands priced ,000 and up, as opposed to Seiko's traditional market competition such as Citizen, Tissot, Hamilton, and others. So if you are a fan of the Ananta and other high-end Seiko watches, do others a favor and share with them what these watches are all about.

Bell & Ross BR01-93 GMT AND BR01-92 Gold Ingot Watches: So opposite, So The Same

Bell & Ross BR01-93 GMT AND BR01-92 Gold Ingot Watches: So opposite, So The Same

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Porsche Design Heritage P'6530 Watch Watch Releases

The piece has gotten a lot of press, but only members of the Porsche Club of America are eligible to get one of the 55 pieces (for each year of the club's existence). Interestingly enough, a main man instrumental in the watch project was Georg Bartkowiak, one of the people who is part of Grieb & Benzinger, that make those amazing hand-engraved watches in Germany. He worked directly with the Porsche Club of American (and presumably Tag Heuer) to make this happen.

IWC, The Plastiki, And A Limited Edition Adventure Ecology Ingenieur Watch Watch Releases

Part of a series of character introductions followed by comic segments as part of Linde Werdelin's "The Perfect Five" graphic novel (here in digital form).

MB&F HM4 Thunderbolt Watch Revealed

MB&F HM4 Thunderbolt Watch Revealed

Oscillating weight Dedicated Sotirio Bulgari cut-out; snailed decoration

You do grow increasingly accustomed to reading the time under the screwed on metal frame over the white dials with the perfect mixture of style and operational succinctness. The black hour disc with its Marvin style font is a touch that I appreciate. Other little features such as the comfy strap and gently curved case make M014 watch a lot easier to tote around than its novel nature might suggest. Price is about ,000.

Panerai Says "FU" With Limited Edition PAM336 Watch For China Watch Releases

Bulgari Octo Bi-Retro Steel Ceramic Watch Watch Releases

Welcome to new dive watch brand RedSea. Another Fan-diver brand. Meaning a couple of people who love watches - dive watches - decided they wanted a diver in "their image." So Red Sea was born, and if your tastes are similar to theirs, have they got a watch for you. There are two models, but they are basically the same watch with two dials. The Six Pounder is easily the most avant garde of the two. With its BRM watch style hands - you have an interesting use of borrowed aesthetic for a dive watch. The rear of the watches have a pirate style skull and crossed swords engraving that pretty much makes everything it is applied to a bit more bad ass. Do modern pirates have flags anymore? I wonder. I don't think they have ships they are super proud of anymore...

You'll notice the large "23" in the subsidiary seconds dial on the watch in black and white. This was the car's number in the race (seen on the hood). The chronograph subdials are in red against the bold black face. Porsche Design knows that the best hands for legibility are white on black... so they haven't messed with this formula. As a racing chronograph watch, it does have a tachymeter scale, but one that is pleasantly understated around the periphery of the dial. Up a bit from that is a minute and hour scale.

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I don't intend to suggest the C600 is unattractive - far from it. But rather that its largely utility minded. Its composition and features are meant to suggest that it is capable of hard duty. The hands are almost whimsically large, and you don't often get that combination of lime green and black on a serious watch. Though the color differences are there for contrast, and you never (ever) lose sight of the hands when trying to read the watch.

Unlike many, many high-end watches, mainstream society knows and respects Cartier.  As part of my review I took the Roadster S to Las Vegas to see how it fared in "flaunt your wealth" territory. Say what you will about Las Vegas, but there are few other places in the US where so many people wear decent watches. While the Roadster S is relatively unassuming by Cartier standards, the Roadster shaped is pretty well-known. I imagine many people were thrown by the black rubber strap (not exactly typical Cartier character), but it should have been clear what I was wearing. If anything, I felt as though I was adorning a Las Vegas approved timepiece - vital to ensuring you are properly received by tip hopeful helpers. You don't always want "stealth wealth," and on the "notice my nice watch list" should always be a Cartier. Cartier doesn't load the Roadster S with many surprises, but it does not disappoint either.

Watch brands are systematically killing off their network of authorized dealers that historically have helped them so much. One by one, retailers get ominous letters in the mail informing them that a long-term partner will no longer be sending them inventory. Why are the major watch brands doing this? And what does this mean for the future? Read on...

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Cartier Roadster S Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

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See Eterna & Porsche Design watches on eBay here.Porsche Design P'6780 Diver Watch Is Hand-Me-Down Eterna Watch Releases

Add in the two year warranty, two-layer SuperLuminova lume, anti-reflective sapphire crystal and you've got a winner. At ,250 on strap and ,549 on bracelet, this is an excellent value for a custom design.