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Free Phosphor Digital Hour Clock Watch Giveaway + Discount For All

Free Phosphor Digital Hour Clock Watch Giveaway + Discount For All

Good luck, and thanks to Phosphor Watches, the sponsor of the Digital Hour Clock watch giveaway here at!

Get Political With A Breguet Ref. 3137 Watch Available On James List

Get Political With A Breguet Ref. 3137 Watch Available On James List

Swatch Automatic Chrono Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

With the discontinuous band, the Marina Chain watch looks thrown together and confused. The solid backing of the band whereupon the Marina Chain is laid does not work in harmony. Even with the harder edges of the band, in stark contrast to the soft curves of the chain, there is no harmony here.

Vulcain Anniversary Heart Cricket Watch For President Barack Obama: Thoughts Watch Releases

Moving forward I only wish to continue offering more and increasingly polished reporting on watches and the watch industry. This includes my work here and elsewhere, as well as on the HourTime Podcast. While I can't always respond to e-mails or comments in the length I would prefer (or at all), I continually encourage your daily feedback, suggestions, and of course rants. Thanks for giving me the purpose and motivation to do what I have done in over 1000 articles, and I will keep it up as long as you keep reading. Thanks and expect another such post in maybe after another 1000 articles - they too will be "well earned."

Pi Watch By Ben McCarthy Review

Pi Watch By Ben McCarthy Review

Navy Star watches are Cyma's diver watch line. The models mix styles from many popular diver watches out there combing with a unique hybrid. The little details are the best like the textured dial, nicely crafted rotated bezel with the numbers in relief, as well as the complex looking crown. This is not a top-level luxury watch by any means, so the prices are not too bad. Still, there is a lot of watch for your money. This automatic GMT model runs about ,200 bucks retail (can be had for less online), and the Navy Star watch line stars at under 0. The steel is nicely polished with lots of brushed sections, while the interesting looking bracelet is substantial with screwed-in pins.

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Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon Spacemaster X-Lume Watch

Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon Spacemaster X-Lume Watch

One thing that became apparent to me as I studied this watch is that Magrette is finally getting a distinct character - which is a good thing. Branding is a complex endeavor (for new and old brands alike). In addition to getting a signature look, Magrette is getting real character. This is a type of personality that we mentally attribute to certain items and products. What personality do you give to Magrette watches?

Orbita is the premiere American maker of watch winders. By watch lovers, for watch lovers - they do a great job of making items that play nice with our automatic watches, when we don't. Their full range of winders offer items for single watches, to entire room set-ups. This month on you can enter to win an Orbita Sparta 1 Mini watch winder. I reviewed one of these impressive Sparta 1 Mini winders here. This is one of the best single watch winders on the market. American made. Low power consumption. Virtually silent. Easy to operate. Retail price is 5. Good luck! has no less than 15 watch deal of the day websites listed right now. Plus, they are listed in order of "time ending soonest." Meaning that the deals are listed with the one's ending soonest on the top. You get the name of the site that offers the deal, the name of the watch, the price, and the time left in hours (no minutes, sorry - you aren't scoping out auctions on eBay here). I like that if you hover your mouse over the image of the watch, it expands - showing you a bigger image of the watch. If you want to get the watch or look more into it, just click it to go to the originating page!

MB&F And Alain Silberstein HM2.2 "Black Box" Watch Watch Releases

The Idiot's Allure Of The Rolex Daytona Watch Feature Articles

See Alain Silberstein watches on eBay here.Alain Silberstein Hebraika Hebrew Calendar Watch Watch Releases

Or, download/stream the .mp3 here: "The Ugliest Watch in the World, the El Primero, and TAG's mistake"

LUM-TEC 500M Watch Coming In 2010

LUM-TEC 500M Watch Coming In 2010

Ezteem Lynx Aqua Watch Review  Wrist Time Reviews

Now that Swarovski is branching out into watches, though, they seriously need to improve their website. They have such an enviable product, with great name recognition, that they need to position themselves more as a luxury item.

Orbita Sparta 1 Tesla Watch Winder Review Luxury Items

Next is the Traser Aviator Bucker Jungmann watch. This is almost a totally different style watch done with a textured black dial and with a chronograph. It feels so modern compared to the retro looks of the other two watches. I like how the hands of the watch pop out and that Traser knew to use another color (red) for the chronograph hands. Inside the watch is a Ronda 5030.D movement that has the the time, 12 hour chronograph, and the date. The watch is actually really attractive and probably very easy to maintain. I think it looks equally nice matched to the black leather aviator strap or the metal bracelet. Probably my favorite model of the three - plus the Bucker Jungmann aeroplane that it is based on a legendary acrobatic plane. This watch is a reasonable 5- 5.

In this first episode, we introduce ourselves, tell you what we do and where we come from with watches and discuss a few watch pet peeves. Also, phones by watch makers packed in gorgeous boxes so you can "pass them down to the next generation" - hmmm... John first brandishes his love for clocks, we talk about the most complex wrist watch in the world, the Gerald Genta Arena Metasonic Sonnerie Watch that costs 0,000.00. Ariel just got back from Japan, so we talk Seiko, their Astron and how the Spring Drive models work. Glide hand. Enjoy.

A while ago this interesting LED watch was being displayed as a concept in Japan. I talked about it here in my excitement. Myself, and many others got really excited at the concept - though it had a few questionable characteristics that seemed to keep it from being practical. The big issue being power consumption, that I did of course mention. 100% even did exactly what I suggested they do, and that is display the time "on demand." This way you can maximize battery life by only displaying the LED lights when you want to see them (by pressing some button most likely) - saving battery life. Not sure where the button is going to be placed though.

Free Magrette Moana Pacific Watch Giveaway Giveaways

Marvin M104 Watch Review Watch Releases

The links are sexy - there is no doubt about that. It was the execution of those links upon a watch that disappoints me a bit.

While these Swatch Automatic Chrono watches aren't the first mechanical Swatch watches, they are of the first with this new ETA C01.211 automatic mechanical chronograph movement that is based on the classic Lemania 5100. The movement was designed to be durable, accurate, and not too expensive to make. Like the original Lemania 5100, the new C01.211 has some plastic pieces in the movement - but those should have no negative effect on its durability or functionality in the long run. All the important parts of in metal of course. See some of them in what looks to be brass. However, the escapement is in some fancy synthetic material. Overall the movements are comprised of 184 parts, have a 46 hour power reserve, and feature the time, date, and a 6 hour chronograph. In the back of the watch you can view the movement through a mostly semi-opaque crystal window, with two clear areas for where a particular gear is, and above the escapement. The movement is interesting with a large sized automatic rotor. The cloudy glass look of the caseback is likely meant to distract from much of the movement that is not really decorated. It is an interesting approach.

Little things like beeps and alerts can be turned on or off, and in some instances you can choose what is displaying on the screen. While there isn't a mountain of customization options, there are enough to make you feel as though Casio cares about the watch being just right for you. This is further seen in their metal bracelets that often have ability to be micro adjusted. Casio really wants its owners to have a positive use and wearing experience. But with all the functions and options you get, there is a learning curve. Actually, if you've been using Casio watches for years like many people, there isn't that much to learn, but for people using a complex watch like this for the first time - I certainly recommend spending some time with the manual. Once you get in to it and understand how the watch works, you'll appreciate the elegance and refinement of the system. For such a small thing that uses so little power, to do so much, is amazing to me.

Thanks to DWATCH for the review timepiece. Reviews are 100% completely independent.

Martin Braun Grande Chrono Watch Available On James List

Martin Braun Grande Chrono Watch Available On James List

How does the winder work? I discussed it in more detail when I reviewed the Sparta 1 Mini, but I will discuss again briefly. The system is really clever and uses very little power. While most watch winders are constantly using power when in motion, the Sparta 1 system sips power. The system is so efficient that is uses less power each month than a 75 watt light bulb would consume in a single day. A very "green" product indeed.

Owner specified customization is a big part of the watch. The 42.5mm wide case is available in yellow, red, or white gold, or platinum. Further, an interesting area of customization are the jewels that make up the power reserve indicator. They can be diamonds, rubies, or sapphires, in at least a couple different cuts. Other customizable elements of the watch may also exist.