Collector's Corner: Could I ever be a one watch guy?

With 2011 and the watch fairs almost upon us, I thought that URWERK must have an intriguing watch up their sleeve. I wasn’t disappointed. Felix had a box sitting on the table when I arrived. What a tease! I had to wait to finish lunch before he revealed the mechanism hiding within.

If you’re just dipping your toe into luxury timepieces, this may be a big leap. But once you take the plunge, I think it will become a favorite in your collection.

Giveaway: Praesto Modern Aviator Watch + Discount

Giveaway: Praesto Modern Aviator Watch + Discount

Tissot Sailing-Touch Watch Watch Releases

Some of the things I really like are discussions about unique technology IWC has used or developed, images of classic IWC advertisements, famous relationships and watches produced, as well as an intimate understanding of what interests not only a watch lover, but also history buffs.

Hermes Clipper Automatic Chronograph Watch For 2010 Watch Releases Hermes Clipper Automatic Chronograph Watch For 2010 Watch Releases

UTS has recently announced a new addition to the 1000m line, the 1000m GMT using the ETA 2893 movement. Otherwise the same as the diver Ariel reviewed, (Ed. - readers, please note that contributor Paul Hubbard wrote this article) the 24h hand and small UTC track really add to the appeal of this watch. Available in a variety of dial and hand colors, the high-contrast white on black really does it for me.

That said, the watch itself is pretty nice looking. I'm not fond of the Rolex-style cyclops over the date, though some quite like them [Ed. note. You'll see some hands-on images I took with watch here. I believe that the magnifier crystal is actually reverse mounted (inside the crystal) so as not to stick out of the crystal]. The fixed bezel is less useful than a rotating one, but on the other hand it's filled with luminescent paint for a cool look in the dark. The textured and detailed dial has good balance and attains the not-too-busy look a good dress watch. The dark green GMT hand lurks in the visual background, behind mirror-polished hour and minute hands and the signature second hand with Ball logo counterpoise. Overall a good looking watch, with the bulked-up look Ball produces.

Grade 5 titanium/blue 22K gold rotor; limited edition of 12 black titanium/green 22K gold (black treated with mark-resistant silicon oxide)
Screwed-down crown
Dimensions (exclusive of crown and lugs): 47mm x 50mm x 16mm
Number of case components: 53

So Spyker is very serious about their future, the future of Saab, and their watch collection. Unlike other types of "car watches" these aren't a co-branding exercise. The only logos you'll see on the watch are those of Spyker. Expressions d'Artistes International, and their partners, make the watches, and do a lot of part supplying for serious watch makers all over Europe. Quality is good, and the look and feel of the watches fit the Spyker look and experience well.

Very rare (at least in the US) is an interesting little watch brand called Chronographe Suisse. With a name like that, you imagine that all their watches need to be chronograph's right? Actually, I think they all are. The brand releases pretty well design stuff, but suffers (in my opinion), from an interesting flaw. The designer(s) there have some fetish for short, stubby hands. Look at all of their watches, and you may agree, the dials are to big for the hands, or the hands are too small for the dial. Though given the loveliness of the designs, I might have to live with that flaw once in order to enjoy these watches.

The Atlas Dome models are about the only new pieces from the partnership that speak to me at all. Of course, these are based on the previous Atlas collection, so there isn't too much creativity going on. The women's watches in the new collection are often too girly or described as "cocktail watches." Meaning that they have cheeky designs are aren't meant for serious occasions? What happened to Tiffany being the brand you could wear on your wedding?

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Juan Pablo Montoya Watch Available On James List Sales & Auctions

From an aesthetic standpoint, the book is lovely, and like I said, all the images are welcome and useful. It helps bring the beauty, purpose, and history of IWC watches appreciatively to life. The reason I discussed the organization and content of the book first, is to help separate from coffee tables books that are meant to be viewed only. But between sessions of checking it out, the book will not only look nice sitting around the house, but prove interesting to most people who flip through it. As an added bonus, the size and weight of the book provide that if needed, it can be used as a weapon in self defense (if you can manage to swing it about). A solid strike to the solar plexus should find most opponents stunned and on the ground. Of course I (and most certainly IWC), recommend the book for reading purposes only.

My favorite movement option - that my watch comes equipped with - are ceramic ball bearing for the rotor. An extra 150 Swiss Francs gives you seven oil-free ceramic balls that whisk the rotor around very smoothly. In fact, a rotor with the ceramic ball bearings get about 30% greater winding efficiency - without the need for lubricant. Very high tech. Not everyone will want the ceramic bearings though as it makes the rotor move much faster which can be heard sometimes. I don't mind it, but you should be mindful of that fact. Of course, Chronometer regulation is also an option for your 7750 in an Maurice de Mauriac Modern Chronograph watch. Overall, I love knowing that the brand offers all these options when it comes to tweaking and enhancing the movement.

Chanel J12 Marine Watch Watch Releases

Swatch Celebrates The 2010 Vancouver Olympics: Happy Games, Sporty Friends, & To The Top Watches Watch Releases

Prices for the watches aren't too bad. Made in German, the Max Bill by Junghans watches for 2010 will retail for 1,320 euros for the Chronoscope, 705 euros for the Automatic, and 515 euros for the Manually Wound version. Look for them soon.

Everyone who enters the giveaway will be given a discount coupon at the end of the giveaway for a Modern Aviator watch is they are not the winner.   This is a really cool watch, so enter now. Winner gets to choose with model they want to win. You can learn more about the Praesto Modern Aviator watch here. Retail price for it is between 0 - 7.

See Piaget watches on Amazon here.Piaget Altiplano Automatic 43mm Ultra-Thin Watch Watch Releases

Piaget Altiplano Automatic 43mm Ultra-Thin Watch Watch Releases
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Piaget Altiplano Automatic 43mm Ultra-Thin Watch Watch Releases
Piaget 9p 18 Jewels Adjusted Five Positions Manual Wind Movement
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Piaget Altiplano Automatic 43mm Ultra-Thin Watch Watch Releases
Piaget 6n 17 Jewels Manual Wind Movement 18k Crown Hands And Dial
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Piaget Altiplano Automatic 43mm Ultra-Thin Watch Watch Releases
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See Tissot T-Touch watches on eBay here.

Bar none, my favorite new watch for 2010 from Eterna is this wonderful heritage re-release model of the classic Super KonTiki from 1973. While the new and older version of the watch have some differences, the character of the original classic remains (thankfully). I first wrote about the original Eterna Super KonTiki watch here, discussing how it was used by the famous IDF (Israeli Defense Force), and was a coveted collector's item. At that time I wondered if Eterna would ever revisit this model... and low and behold they did.

Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon Spacemaster Orbital Watch Watch Releases

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Tempvs Compvtare Sea Shepherd Watch

Tempvs Compvtare Sea Shepherd Watch

. Tag Heuer Carrera Chronograph Calibre 1887 Watch Hands-On Hands-On

So there you have it, all the cool stuff that this boating Sailing-Touch watch will provide when it is released soon. Style is modern and fitting with the theme. It is masculine, but won't alienate women either. The movement is specially made for Tissot by ETA and is quartz (both ETA and Tissot are owned by the Swatch Group).  Price has yet to be announced by should be in the 00 range (not sure about the price with diamonds though). While it is hard to say just what boating enthusiasts are looking for, a watch like this could quickly be adopted as a sailor's good friend if the functions are easy and accurate enough to use.

Probably good that Panerai doesn't sell an "FU" watch in the western world as we are probably going to take it as a signal of their amusement that we are putting up with their prices. No, Panerai doesn't even care too much about the English speaking world for the time being. Richemont, and other luxury watch groups have their sights securely set on (primarily) China, and other parts of Asia, given the fact that the only excitement in watch sales to be seen now is coming from those regions of the world. Each brand is vying for the attention and respect of the Chinese consumer - who is fundamentally a different animal than that the western consumer as I understand it. I hear tales of how Chinese consumers actually understand the mechanics of watches, know the values, and have keen eyes for details. Scary stuff for some watch retailers and some brands! Actually this is good. Not that people like us are without knowledge, but we aren't exactly the "typical" watch buyer here in the states (which is why each of you needs to educate at least one person a month on the pleasure of being into expensive little machines).

Bell & Ross Vintage Original And Officer Watches For 2010 Watch Releases

- Involute circle profile
- Tangential inclined gear with profiled teeth, on fixed wheel and escape wheel pinion

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