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I may have mentioned this in the past, but I really like the idea of thin dive watches (even though I rather ironically also like the idea of very thick dive watches). At 42mm wide and 11mm thick, the Calibre Diver wears very nicely on the wrist with an admirable width and a very svelte profile for a dive watches.

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Model: New Irony Alu Chrono
Dial: White dial with black designs, date window at 3 o’clock
Case: Aluminum with translucent dark gray plastic insert, dark gray crown and pusher at 2 o’clock, red pusher at 4 o’clock
Bezel: Aluminum bezel
Bracelet: Black and white silicone

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The Porsche Design P'6780 Diver dial is deep with the rehaut-style internal rotating bezel that steeply slopes down to the main dial. Here, you see something much more simple compared to the KonTiki Diver. The dial features applied polished and lume-filled hour markers, along with legible diver's style hands. Just to be unique, the date window is placed at 9 o'clock along another inset horizontal line which is part of the dial design. In theory, I am not sure what I would imagine a Porsche Design dive watch to be, but this certainly fits the bill and the brand's distinctive DNA.

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While I quite like black watches (that are nevertheless legible), they are for a very specific type of customer. The issue is that black coatings, especially matte black coatings create a subdued and stealthy appearance. It not only makes the watch itself stands out less (in some contexts), but the details of the case itself are much more difficult to see when compared to polished steel (for example) finishes. Matte black is also particularly good at absorbing light, so the lack of reflectivity can erode a "high-end look" that many people crave in a luxury watch.

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Jordi as a brand is designed by Michel Jordi, who is a known name in parts of the Swiss watch industry. The Jordi brand bears his name and unique design style that mixes classic with modern appeal that is quite refreshing. There is a European artistic simplicity that I enjoy, as well as a touch of traditional watch design which should help these timepieces appeal more to serious watch lovers. Having said that, the distinguishing elements of the Jordi Chronograph watch are difficult to pinpoint, as none of the specific design elements themselves standout as being eminently memorable.

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While we haven't seen the new Ones To Watch program yet, it is likely that it will heavily feature Cartier messaging before and during the program. I suspect, on television, there will be other advertisers as well during commercial breaks. According to CNN, the Ones To Watch program will be on CNN International, but may also be available for viewing online and on channels like CNN USA. Cartier and CNN (I believe) have a history of working together as media outlet and advertiser.

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For one, Apple shows a rather new and unusual way – for them, at least – to bring their latest product closer to what appears to be a key target demographic: the highly fashion-conscious consumer. While there is an ever-widening range of people relying on Apple products in their everyday lives, the company's latest and greatest gadgets are arguably most coveted by the more tech-savvy audience of the brand. However, the Apple Watch is a very new product in the company's life, and it offers relatively new functionality to the absolute majority of potential customers – as we feel safe in saying that the world is not at all accustomed to relying on a smartwatch and its complicated functionality.

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The "Mk II" concept is all about giving watches a chance as a "second generation" (hence the "mark II" name). Ask watch lovers in the know about Mk II, and they will likely smile and say "cool watches if you can actually get one." They would be referring to the fact that Mk II has in the past asked customers to wait long periods of time to receive orders, and given their low productions volumes, many of their timepieces sell out until new parts are ordered and delivered. In fact, if you want to know about the headaches and tribulations of producing watches as an independent watch maker, you need only ask Bill. Infinitely patient, Bill will explain how long it takes to receive orders and what happens when suppliers send the wrong parts.

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aBlogtoWatch: Do you have a particular set of criteria when considering an acquisition?

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Therefore, if you are the owner or employee of a watch company, and are involved in the launch of a new product, be mindful of the definitions laid forth in this article. If you are found to be using misleading terms to describe the origin of your movements, you will not be able to claim ignorance of what "in-house" means, since we have given you rather simple guidelines. Do you work with outside suppliers? That's fine. Celebrate the quality partners you work with, and make it clear that, as a company, you are interested in getting the best components from the best suppliers. There is nothing wrong with that. All we want is for watch companies to respect the consumers who actually care what movements are in their watches, and not create a difficult-to-remedy situation where consumers feel misled. Now, get back to making some great in-house or outside watches and movements.

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As mentioned above, the Romain Jerome Space Invaders Ultimate Edition will be sold exclusively through the brand's website and will be limited to just five pieces in each color. Price for each is 6,900 Swiss francs or around ,150.

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BEST FROM: aBlogtoWatch & Friends December 19, 2014

Somewhere between New York and China, a couple sits in the lobby of a five star hotel until their room that was supposed to be available hours earlier is ready. In front of them on a table is a series of artfully fanned out "lifestyle magazines," each populated with at least 10 ads for watches, most of which feature a brand name floating around a gloriously photographed and meticulously edited timepiece image, with little to no supporting text. These magazines exist exclusively to find their way into places where people, who are suspected to have large disposable incomes, wait.

Ultimately, watch companies in the middle to high-end segment will not be heavily affected, those competing in the "affordable Swiss watch market" – say, in the sub-,000 range – will however likely have to raise their prices somewhat once they will be forced to switch to generally more expensive, albeit also higher quality, Swiss suppliers.

Jordi Chronograph Red Horizon Watch Review

Jordi Chronograph Red Horizon Watch Review

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As I said, Chopard, Montblanc, TAG Heuer, and Zenith had sent their best men and women to the battlefield, having set up separate workbenches for their watchmakers. On a personal note, allow me to share my amazement and surprise that I felt when I learned that all the watchmakers with whom I had met last year remember my name!

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Keeping the philosophy of continuing to use original antique and vintage dials with the pocket watch movements was a challenge in this new design. The 12 size pocket watch movements were produced between 1895 and 1930, then, in the 1930’s, the wristwatch came into popularity, and most men stopped wearing the pocket watch - kind of like making the transition to a smart phone, it’s hard to ever go back to a regular mobile phone. However, in the beginning stages of the introduction of the 12 size movement, the hunter case design was very popular. The hunters Case watch had a cover, and by pressing the crown it hinged open the cover to read the time. Since these were worn in the vest pocket, the crown was always at 3 o’clock, making it easier to read when holding in the hand and looking down at the time.

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As a young boy, I have one recollection of my grandfather (while to my chagrin, spending much time working, bringing watches home, and not allocating more time to play with me) did one time take me to his atelier in the house and showed me a mechanical movement that appeared still as an inert object. But then, he touched the escapement, and all of a sudden it started moving. In my young, 10 year old eyes, this was very magical. This object that was before dead, started moving. So when I first saw the videos of Theo's beast, the thing that came to mind was this memory of seeing my grandfather's watch movement come to life. And I told myself that we might be able to also learn something. Artists are people that tend to see things in a different viewpoint from most. If we could borrow his imaginary glasses, we might be able to evolve.

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