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It is probable that most of these similarities are coincidental, but still interesting to point out given how small the industry is and all the shared labor that these brands pull from. Kari Voutilainen has been a hot watch maker for the last few years in the independent circuit, and many people speak of how Andreas Strehler is becoming more and more noticed for his skills. So let's see what they put together for this hands-on look at the Maitres du Temps Chapter Three Reveal watch (that I first covered here).

Let's step back a bit and revisit the overall concept of the watch and the brand thus far. Martin Braun is a movement designer and exists among a select group of elite thinkers who are really doing cool things mechanically but in a way that has the movements actually working. The Antoine Martin brand could have easily been classical in theme but eschewed that in favor of a more masculine concept. With nicely made movements and a bold concept that doesn't come across as trendy or temporary, I think the look and feel of the brand certainly has a place in the high-end world.

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It goes without saying that all Ball for BMW watches will feature tritium gas tube illumination. Most of the tubes will glow orange with a single blue tube at 12 o'clock. Orange is said to be a signature color for BMW - especially on their instrument panels, so the watches try to use this when possible. Last, another interesting feature will be part of the Ball for BMW watch collection. This feature showed up on a Ball watch last year, and is called the "Amortiser." It allows you to press and screw down the caseback of a watch to lock the automatic rotor into place. This is meant to be used when the wearer expects the watch to endure shock or trauma to help protect the movement. The wearer must then disengage the Amortiser for the watch to continue automatically winding.

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A sky-style dial in deep blue and 18k pink gold is a very pretty thing in this new Geo.Graham The Moon watch by Graham. "Geo" stands for "George" who is the Graham guy that the brand is named after. George Graham was a British watch and clock maker from the 17th century. Even as the brand of today is totally Swiss, they still like to celebrate the English heritage of their namesake.

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On the wrist, the Royal Oak Offshore Diver feels like a solid watch and is lighter in weight than the steel version. The attached rubber strap is fantastic, but should be for the price. Inside the watch is the same Audemars Piguet Calibre 3120 automatic movement. Not sure about the price but it is over ,000.

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So the watch industry is in a bit of a bind – especially in places like the United States where wrist watch wearing isn’t as much a part of the culture as it is in Asia and to a large degree, Europe. The bind is that the “interested watch population” is smaller than it should be, media doesn’t really discuss it very well, and young people just aren’t as interested in watches as they could be. I say this with a straight face suggesting that young people really would like watches if they were more familiar with them. This isn’t a plea for mass social manipulation to get people wanting and buying something they otherwise wouldn’t want. This is about exposure and education in regards to something genuinely satisfying (of course I would say that).

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It takes a real man to appreciate a men's watch covered in diamonds. If you are lacking in appreciation for the be-dazzled then simply show the piece to a woman. I don't mean to stereotype, but I have yet to meet a women who doesn't have some special warm spot for expensive shiny things. It does beg the psychological question of why we are attracted to shiny things. It is almost innate isn't it?

The way it works is rather simple. You press the "on" button and some lights go on. First you read the hours to the left and then see whether it is AM or PM. You then look to the right and first look at the top numbers for the minute. You read the 10 minute markers first and then to-the-minute accuracy is determined by reading the lower list of numerals 01-09. Press the button again and you'll get the date. It is possible that you'll need to push the button more than once to read the time if you aren't that quick.

Luminosity is first-rate, of course:

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Water resistance: 30m/ 100’ / 3atm

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The red GMT hand and the 24 hours markers are not hard to read, however, one needs to remember that the GMT hand moves around the dial in 24 hours with 2 hours step markers (slightly noted on the inner dial). This can be confusing at first since when showing odd hours the GMT hand will be between two regular hour markers... However, once you get used to it then it works fine and since the hours hands can be changed to move by itself freely, the GMT can then be used to set the home time when traveling to different timezones.

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We've seen chronograph watches with a thousand faces (tens of thousands at this point for me perhaps), and there are rules to live by when getting it right. These offer a high-contrast ring for the markers and a free space for the hands to move. This free space actually helps legibility (I believe) by not obscuring the placement of the hands. The legible hands and intricate hour and minute markers on the face and flange ring make for a serious instrument with a sophisticated look. A nice mix of simplicity and design in my opinion. The dials aren't perfect, but it is a good use of space and you can't find anything else like it in a cushion-shaped case.

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On the wrist, the Pulsion watch is a tender wearer with a wrist-hugging case and comfortable rubber strap. A metal bracelet option would be stellar if it existed. Given its wide lugs, this is a big-sitting 44mm wide case that is offered in a titanium or 18k pink gold. In total, four versions of the Pulsion are offered for 2012. The rubber strap by the way is quite interesting in its design and even has alternating finishes.