the Speedmaster Apollo XI 35th Anniversary Edition Returns

RIP Eugene Cernan - We look back at 'his' Apollo 17 watch from 2012

Last month you were able to enter for a chance to win a free Swatch Automatic Chrono watch from The winner has received the Swatch watch and has been enjoying it, and has sent me a few shots of the watch as a follow up. Congrats to Andrew D. winning the new Swatch watch and I am glad that he enjoyed it. The timepiece is really making a bit splash with a well priced automatic chronograph Swiss movement and fun styling. Don't forget to enter for this month's Giveaway for a chance to get a free US made Orbita watch winder.

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OMEGA Speedmaster Speedy Tuesday Limited Edition

Cartier Oops With New Les Must Collection Ad? Watch Industry News

Here you have the Perpetual Weekly Calendar watch, that is also know as the TX 400 series of watches. This particular model is the reference T3C301 that identifies the dial color as well as the metal bracelet. Other versions of this watch in different colors or a leather strap are available - each with a distinctly formal attitude. There is a particular reason I like this model the best. It reminds me of the classic "dad's watch," but now with more interesting functionality. So let's explore the first part of that statement. The watch has a thematic resembles to the classic Rolex Datejust. You can see this in the jubilee style metal bracelet and the shape of the case along with the steel and gold tones. The similarities end there, but it is enough to give it that classic man's watch look. Aside from that you have a useful perpetual calendar that focuses on the week. The month is not always shown, but you don't need it to be shown all the time. To see what the month is, you press the pusher above the crown and the orange tipped hand moves to the month (as they are written out around the dial) for 5 seconds until it returns to the original position.

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Omega Speedmaster Tropical Dial Parade - 12 References To Show

I am not so much a fan of the strap. Sure it is unique, and very different, but that doesn't mean it is good. The rubber straps reminds me of scrunchies, or those elastic hair bands that women use when putting their hair in a pony tail. Um... and some men too. It just sorta looks like something you'd buy at a kiosk in a mall. Not particularly luxurious or even pleasant looking. I am trying to imagine it over a wrist. Maybe when I see the thing eventually in person my feelings will change. And while I do have a great amount of respect for the Confrerie Horlegere and the Le Clef du Temps, The bracelet just doesn't meld with my individual notion of good looks.

Vulcain Diver X-Treme Automatic Limited Edition Watch Watch Releases

We start out with learning about what tourbillons are, what they do, why they exist, then why they were "forgotten" for years and years and their sudden comeback. Then we get into why wear a watch at all - not the same as checking the time on your cell phone. Wearing a watch on the underside of your wrist is a topic. Next, fake watches, don't get us started! Wearing your watch at the gym? Then, we talk about the watch industry and watch news (where do you get your watch news).

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swiss clone watches for men

So really, what are you left with in the Arlanch No I watch?  Not much in my opinion. The design is rather bleh if not 1950's drab, the size is too small, and the price, at over 00 (615 euros) is just way too high. If you like the design and the environmental gimmicks, then go for it I guess. You will get a gold watch, but it will be a really little one. Coolest part of the watch? The logo of the Arlanch brand.

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Chef Anthony Bourdain And His Ernst Benz ChronoFlite World Timer Watch Watch Releases

Adding to this quality is the fact that certain surfaces of the watch are left looking a bit "raw." This is seen on the sides of the large bezel and on the hands. Angular Momentum watches to enhance the industrial feel of the watch so it did not "finish" these parts after then came out of the laser cutting machine. My opinion is that the look is quite interesting and artistic, especially when contrasted with the polish of the bottom part of the case.

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IWC Pilot’s Replica Watch Worldtimer Review

Horus Ultramarinum Watch Watch Releases

See Ernst Benz watches on eBay here.

The dial is "black opaline," and is slightly textured with a matte finish. The black against lime, or more interesting looking black and cream colored dial are attractive and feel unique in the saturated diving watch world (I made a pun!). A true diver's watch, the Diverscope JR1000 is water resistant to 300 meters and comes with either a vulcanized rubber strap (with PVD steel deployment) or a fabric strap with a fold over Velcro strap (luxurious I know, but it is actually meant for diving!). My overall impressions of the new Diverscope JR1000 watch line is nice. The real kicker will be the price, of which I am not exactly certain. I have a feeling it is going to be too high, say in the ,000 - ,000 range. This is just under the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms, and much more than a Rolex Submariner, and getting closer to Rolex Deep Sea, Sea Dweller range. Perhaps my estimate are wrong, and the watch is closer to ,000 which would make it pricey, but not priced out of the market. I'd be very happy with one of these.

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Rolex Replicas

A combination of solid looks, very useful technology, enjoyable operation, and high value, allows this 5 watch to make a ton of sense for anyone who is drawn to it. Traditional watch lovers will find appeal in the novel use of technology, while non-tradition watch lovers will appreciate the good price, as well as the cool timepiece that is unique enough to have them leave their phones in their pocket next time they need the time. For all these reasons and because I personally like this watch so much, I am giving it a rare Seal of Approval Award.

TX Watches Of Interest For 2009 At JCK Las Vegas Watch Releases

Whoa there Gerald Genta (and I speak to the company, not the man - as he isn't part of the brand any more). What is going on here? Where did this come from? Last thing I expected from you was a highly sophisticated sonnerie watch. You say that you have been doing this for a while (making sonnerie watches), but the last one that you released was in the mid 1990s? I am confused. Well forget all that, the watch is really cool. Looking at it, I can tell that the watch is Gerald Genta in form, but really dark in feel. Looks like something that H.R. Giger would wear. He is the artist that designed the aliens, from the Alien movie series. This is because the watch combines a sense of machinery with the biometric forms that the artist is know for. I suppose Gerald Genta is also known for that. Did you know that H.R. Giger is also Swiss?

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rolex knockoff watches in united states

I mentioned that the case was thin. It is just about 11.5mm thick which is pretty impressive for all that goes into the watch. In a sense, something like this is as complex, if not more complex in many ways than some mechanical watches. There is the movement, solar panel, two LCD screen, protection around the movement, and the complex casing. At its widest points, the PAW2000 is about 50mm wide and 55mm tall. It wears "small" given the size. The is also water resistant to 100 meters. Although the metal pushers (plastic on the front of the watch) are larger than many you'll find on Casio watches, they aren't quite as easy to find with your finger as some of the previous large plastic pushers were. Small issue though, and once you find them, they aren't hard to press in at all. Part of the reason that are harder to find with your finger is the plastic guarding around the pushers meant to protect them, and prevent you from pushing the buttons inadvertently.

Inside the watch is a solid Japanese quartz movement. Nothing you'd have to worry about, pretty much ever unless you need to put a battery in it. The watch is big enough that you can rest it on your desk while you work and use it as a clock. Most people (including myself) who type a lot take off their watches while they work). Just don't be one of those people who forget it on your desk (unless you are at home). There really isn't a lot to elaborate on with a very straight forward and easy to live with watch like this JR1060. You know what it does right away, you don't need to think very hard when using it, and the large, but traditional style of the watch goes with just about every outfit that a brown strap would go with. Price is really reasonable as well at 5 - available direct from Jorg Gray, or one of their authorized dealers.

Absolutely not.

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Just In The Nick Of Time: Last Minute Gifts Under 0!

So a bit more about the large watch. First, the movement is the illustrious Seiko Spring Drive chronograph that has a 12 hour chronograph, date, and power reserve indicator for the 72 hours of power reserve. Like I said, these models have the GMT hand removed, and instead wish to emphasis the chronograph complications. I've talked about Spring Drive a lot. If you don't know about, it you should want one. Really all the allure of a decorated, manufacture made mechanical movement, with the accuracy of a quartz watch. No batteries, ever! It is all powered by a mainspring. Magic, I know. The watch focuses on the Japanese ideal of perfection (also an ideal for Seiko). ) One thing the watches do, that has been a goal of many for so long is have a PERFECTLY smooth sweeping seconds hand. No mini ticking. Nothing but smooth as butter "glide motion" hands. Very impressive to see. Also, the watch is 100% silent. Put your ear up to it, and you can't hear a thing. Seiko is very proud of this fact. There are a few other impressive points for Spring Drive movements, but I will leave that to other articles.

This watch doesn't just have a dial that looks like a camera shutter, the prototype version actually used a camera shutter. Michael Bittel cannibalized a friend's vintage camera (he had permission) and took out the shutter. He ground it down and modified it, and used it to make an opening and closing dial on a watch. This isn't the first time that a shutter aperture style dial has graced my eyes, but it is one of the nicest renditions. I did mention the de Grisogono Fuso Quadrato Two Time Zone watch that applied a similar idea. Although on the Eclipse, the shutter opens up to reveal the decorated and diamond studded movement. Actually, I can't figure out whether the watch is called the Eclipse, Double Eclipse, Double Diaphragm Eclipse, or some variation thereof. Who knows, it doesn't matter. Not like there are other watches that look like this. By the way, I am gonna take this opportunity to mention to watch companies that you need to do two things: 1) make sure you give your watch a clear name, and don't make the name extremely confusing. I don't care if it is hard to choose a name, making a watch is harder. If you make a product, give it a name as good as the item is. 2) Just to remind yourself of that name (because they seem to forget), put that name ON THE WATCH. Yes, just engrave it anywhere. Maybe on the caseback, or on the side. Even placing it on the dial is a good idea. Remember that term branding? This is an important (and easy) part of branding.

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Speedmaster Moonphase Calendar

Alain Silberstein Hebraika Hebrew Calendar Watch Watch Releases

Pi Watch By Ben McCarthy Review Wrist Time Reviews

The movement providing the alarm is the new automatic Vulcain Cricket v-21. Special about this movement is that it is an automatic. You have to realize that this was probably a difficult task given the fact that the rotor might function to dampen the sounds of the alarm acoustics. I find that all good diver's watches should be automatics and that a manually-wound diver's watch these days is not really suited for "extreme" labeling. So good things this limited edition is an automatic, while the previous version was not. The movement also is adjusted in a different way than you are used to. The crown on the right side of the case is used for setting the time and the alarm. There is a pusher above it that you depress to make the same crown be used for setting the alarm versus setting the time. To adjust the date, there is a pusher on the left side of the case with a little safety clasp over it labeled "date." The clasp is there to make sure that you don't accidentally adjust the date when you are not supposed to, and Vulcain was clever to label it as the date pusher as that is not its obvious use. As for the alarm, when operating it last for about 15-20 seconds. Not sure why the time various, but it probably has to do with what time the alarm is set to go off at and the internal mechanics of the movement.

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rolex watches for men

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CX Swiss Military 20,000 Feet Diver Watch Review

CX Swiss Military 20,000 Feet Diver Watch Review

Graham Chronofighter Oversize Titanium SAS Watch Is Big, Contradictory, Camouflaged Watch Releases

With a very involved watchband, I love that Gucci kept the dial face simple. There are no hour or minute indicators, just the Gucci logo and hour/minute hands. This simplistic take on time does keep in line with the image of Gucci. And with the face of the watch blending in with the Marina links, you forget that you are looking at a timepiece. Which, at that point, shouldn't you just invest in one of their bracelets?

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