Replica Frank Muller

Replica Frank Muller Revoluton

The Split Rock collection watches are pretty cool and feature as 12 hour chronograph complication all put into one three hand subsidiary dial. Pretty cool right? The pushers are located on the right and left side of the case in a unique fashion. I like how it looks, and it appears pretty easy to use, just don't mistake it for another watch face. The watch itself uses skeletonized orange-red hands and a subsidiary seconds hand at the top. The watch isn't exactly the epitome of easy to read, but this is for style, and you can make out the time. Plus, the orange stitching on the black crocodile strap is always a chic sporty touch.

This is probably my favorite Richard Mille watches for daily wear. That is of course, if I owned one. I have worn one though, and I must admit its charms beguile me. The name of the watch "Extra Flat" is also sometimes known as "Ultra-Thin." No one can agree! But what I can agree on is just how interesting the watch is from a mechanical and design standpoint. There are a few versions of the RM016 (RM 016) watch. Titanium with white gold, or rose gold. There are also a few limited editions.  The easiest way of noticing the limited editions is look at the font on the dial. The stenciled font versions are usually the limited editions. I like the more bold type of font seen here better. These are actually quite easy to read (as far as Richard Mille watches g0), and adeptly communicate the technical high style the brand is going for.

I would have liked the bezel on the watch to rotate. This might have been hard with the design.  As it is, the bezel is screwed in. A lot of the character of the watch comes in on the caseback. Without this piece, the watch wouldn't be what it is. The engravings on the caseback really make the watch what it is, by reminding you of who the watch is named for. It also makes you smile in a smirky, "I have a kick-ass watch" sort of way. On the back you first see a nicely rendered machine gun. This was apparently Marcinko's gun of choice in Vietnam. There is then a patriotic "United States Of America," reminding you where the watch comes from, and finally you get an interesting acronym. I'll tell you what the letters mean, even though you won't see the explanation on the Rogue Warrior Watches website. W.G.M.A.T.A.T.S. was the unofficial motto of Marcinko's military unit, and stood for "we get more ass than a toilet seat."

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Replica Frank Muller Gravity skeletion

But really - this is a feminine watch - there is so much mystery and illusion at play here, that totally reflects feminine notions. The Dior Christal Mysterieuse is also an amazing example of the watch as an adornment, even more so than the watch as a piece of jewelry. With so much engineering at work here, such sultry design, this watch speaks volume of the personality of the wearer.

Congrats again to Dennis for his new timepiece acquisition - and thanks again to all of you who participated in the watch Giveaway. There will be another watch giveaway soon, so stay tuned.

Like most Chinese watch makers, Longio started out as an OEM watch maker (and still is one). This means that they are an "original equipment manufacturer" for other watch brands. Essentially, they make all or part of the watch, while someone else puts their name on it. Longio eventually decided that they want to put their own name on watch. One thing that is most striking about Longio watches is that they are original. The Chinese are known for copying things that others have made. The design of this watch is totally original though. We begin to see character and design that is innately regional to Hong Kong and the surrounding areas. It took Japan a long time before the watches they made had a Japanese character to them. China however is able to learn these lessons observing them from afar, and are already making watches that suit them, not just others.

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Replica Frank Muller Giga tourbillon

Perhaps I would had liked to see some of the culinary theme in the watch dial, as there really isn't any. What you do have is a concentric circular dial pattern that is meant to remind you the bottom part of certain non-stick pans. Then again, this is a style that has been used for watches before. So that isn't "culinary" per se.  I further wonder if the hour and minute hands are something out of a kitchen. I tried pretty hard to think about it. All I came up with was ice cream scoop and butter knife. You sorta see that right? For whatever the dial lacks in theme, it makes up for in visual interest. It isn't perfect, but does a good job given its overall purpose. If you live with it for a bit you'll see.

Andre Checa Designs Most Hideous Watch Case This Year Watch Style

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Piaget limelight watches

Listen to the HourTime podcast episode 7 here.

Custom Black DLC Coated Rolex Watches From Time And Gems

Custom Black DLC Coated Rolex Watches From Time And Gems

Made for a man, sized for a woman? Apparently that is what Swedish watch designer Gabriel Arlanch had in mind when making his first watch, the Arlanch Gold Watch No 1 as it is 32mm wide. Little! Sorta kid sized, or lady sized. Maybe I am getting it all wrong and this is a woman's watch. The was was announced mid last year, but this is the first I have heard of it. Aside from the passable looks, the real press release filler for the watch is it's eco-friendly features. Also, if the watch is Swedish, why does it say "Made in Germany" on it? Swedish design. Swiss movement, Germany manufacture. At least it looks that way.

Thomas Prescher Tempusvivendi Qatar Watch Watch Releases

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Rado Integral Jubile watches

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Linde Werdelin 3-Timer Watch Review

Linde Werdelin 3-Timer Watch Review

In a 40mm wide steel case  (water resistant to 30 meters) with brushed finish all the way around, the Pi watch is a good medium-large size watch. The crownless design makes it feel quite svelte and the integrated strap gives it a very seamless feel. The case is widest at the bottom and tapers a bit  toward the top of the case. A thick looking bezel frames a sapphire crystal over the dial - which is itself the most interesting part of the watch. More on that in a bit. The watch strap is a some type of resin plastic that has a satin finish and feel a bit like those used on Casio G-Shock watches. It is flexible and stiff - sort of at the same time. Makes for a very good texture and feel for the strap. It is one solid piece that is held in place to the case via the rear metal plate of the watch (the is attached via a series of screws). You can tell how the watch strap protrudes a bit before bending to wrap around your wrist - this is to have it fit comfortably on most all wrist sizes.

See Omega Speedmaster watches on eBay here.Omega Speedmaster Solar Impulse HB-SIA Watch Watch Releases

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Replica Jaeger LeCoultre Rendez Vous Night Day Watches

To be fair, Fortis did not come up with all of the design themselves. You can see some borrowing from brands such as Xemex and Ventura, but you should really not care. The spacey looking asymmetrical case make for just watch the spaceship captain ordered. The the design was actually a collaboration between Fortis and Volkswagen Design. More on the watches in a moment. You know that Fortis has been involved with professional aviation and space exploration watches for a while. Russian cosmonauts have been using Fortis watches, and Fortis recently submitted their MARS 500 Experiment watch as they want to be the watch to go to Mars. Maybe they will be.

We talk about brands to buy, brands to avoid, along with some additional new watches not yet available. We offer some buying tips and have the inevitable eBay debate. John finds a way to continue his streak of mentioning the Orange Monster at least once per episode (everyone, take a drink).  Plus, you will always get our special form of productive humor and opinion. Enjoy.

So why am I so concerned about what is being said about a too expensive, highly limited watch? For one thing I find the product fascinating.  I am hungry for details on the mechanics and what went into it. I mean, we are talking about the most complicated watch in the world. The thing is beautiful, I want details people! But a more important point is that the very discussion of the watch has an important role in getting people more interested in mechanical watches. I make it clear that I am trying to get more Americans interested in watches and mechanical watches. All of you who are reading this know that most of the people close to you are sort of curious as to why you like watches so much - like it is some personality defect. But we know they are just among "the uninitiated." A further reason why this is all important is because some of these complications will inevitably fall into lower cost timepieces. No matter how much I wanted this watch, I can't afford .5 million. If any of you can, please enjoy your privileged lives. For the rest of us, we can develop an appreciation for the technology now, and recognize it later when Jaeger-LeCoultre or another company places it in a watch that our lifestyles and budgets can finally stomach. By the way, aren't the stacked pushers on the side of the case really cool (as seen above)?

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Replica Longiness Watches

Attention to detail all over the watch is fantastic. The hour markers around the dial are jewels that match the color theme of the watch. Here they are sapphires. The movement decoration, finishing and detail of the case, everything is amazing. Another example is that the strap ends where the butterfly deployment attached has a spring mechanism that gives about 1-2mm of pull. Why? Just to make sure the watch strap stays comfy if your wrist expands when you clench your first. Just like stretchy pants.

Remember the World Time watch I discussed above? This is one of the World Time Sport models in TX's 550 Series of watches. This watch is model number T3C414. The watch shares the same functions as the World Time watch, but also has a rotating diver style bezel - here in a rose gold tone. The case is steel and also 45mm wide. I like the texturing on the dial and the applied pieces that really give it a nice complex look. This is worlds above a simple "painted dial." I rarely like dials that have no depth to them. The watch is very sporty and fun to look at and wear. The build quality is good too, which is something I can say across the board for all TX watches. They did a good job on the quality side. The strap is leather and nicely fitted to the case. Price for this watch is 5.

Vulcain Diver X-Treme Automatic Limited Edition Watch Watch Releases

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Replica Rado Thinline

Marvin M104 Watch Review Watch Releases

Watch movements are typically measured in "lines." I am actually not totally sure what this means. For example, the Valjoux 7750 movement is 13 1/4 lines (or 29.89mm wide). The new Valgranges A07.211 with the same complications (time, chronograph, day, and date) is 16 1/2 lines (36.6mm wide). Two movements with the same complications, but one is larger for larger sized watches. The new Valgranes movements will be able to have about 46 hours of power reserve and be able to handle the larger caliber watches that are common today. Hopefully this will be an end to stubby hands everywhere! By the way, here is a little info direct from ETA on what the "lines" measurement is:

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Piaget Polor

Remember those polished metal bars on the left side of the watch? According to Snyper those will be used in the future for mounting optional modules. At first I had no idea what these things might be (like a compass or second watch?), but then I learned what it is for. The first module will be a laser that attached on the side. See images for the concept. This will be available soon. Ruchonnet indicated that in time he would like to release a second module that is a telemeter and possibly a infrared heat monitor. Why? Well basically when "scoping" out ladies at a club you can see how far away they are and their body heat. All part of womanizing science.

They probably already are aware of this sentiment, and are happy the world doesn’t yet know the allure of these luxury Japanese watches. So I say these worlds almost symbolically, and to begin an impression I wish to impart upon you, that Seiko is not only a justifiable “watch manufacture,” but makes watches you certainly will want (at very good prices). Not only that, but there is no limit to Seiko. Their movement designers and engineers are very capable, and I trust that if they want to build something, they can do it. So keep your sights on what they are doing.

Longio SG3824E Automatic Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

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