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Over the years, Botta Design Uno watches have (and continue to) come in many forms with both automatic mechanical and quartz varieties. In fact, if you want a quartz watch that doesn't look like a quartz watch, a single-handed design is a good option, because there is no ticking seconds hand. The new Botta Design Uno 24 Neo is a new collection of Swiss quartz movement based Botta Design watches which have an attractive look and decent price. If you can't stomach the idea of a quartz-movement based watch there are other options from Botta Design available.

All of this is made possible by the self-winding calibre MB29.20. Earlier, I mentioned that the Montblanc Heritage Spirit Obris Terrarium has an in-house developed worldtime complication, and I say this because the base of the movement comes from Sellita, with the worldtime function being added using a module. The module, however, is developed completely by Montblanc, and from what we have heard, is not just a simple sandwich job. Rather, the complication is integrated into the movement, which could also explain why the Montblanc Heritage Spirit Orbis Terrarum is just 12mm and not thicker, as some of the other watches with modular complications are. The MB29.20 beats at 4Hz and has a power reserve of 42 hours.

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For someone like me, who is hopelessly challenged to remember a phone number for any period of time over 15 seconds, this was hugely impressive – and also a very humbling experience. I presume it also goes to show the amount of brain-exercise watchmaking and the assembly of a complicated movement requires: you just have to know where things went inside the movement and what they do and how they are connected; otherwise finding the cure for the problem of a 300+ component movement will prove to be impossible.

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The World’s Most Expensive Watches Book By Ariel Adams

The World’s Most Expensive Watches Book By Ariel Adams

Rpaige has assorted an amazing collection of antique pocket watch movements and dials over the years. Each is faithfully restored, but also very much an historic item. While the movements are each in fine working order, one can visually see the patina of time and signs of actual use. One of the most interesting parts of the movements is how nicely they are decorated. The movement restoration cleans them to back the original luster without losing the intricate engraving designs. In some instances, Rpaige offers even higher-grade movements that are less common and more impressively detailed.

Now that some of the watches have been produced, things are going a bit more smoothly for Fiona, but there is a lot to consider such as use of new movements, what direction to go next, and keeping costs reasonable. At over ,000 each, Fiona admits that while the quality and value of the Skull watches are on par with the price, she laments that her creation is something that most of her friends cannot afford. A deeper story I'd like to explore in the near future is that fact that many small, independent watchmakers don't actually represent their own customers. While the products they create are certainly what they themselves want, they aren't often the people who can afford them.

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Our team has for long been intrigued by the idea of the smartwatch and so we have always been excited to bring you the latest, greatest – and sometimes arguably weird – concepts. The smartwatch is a product with immense potential, even if for the most part we have been seeing more optimistic promises than actual deliveries from the countless minor and major brands who have tried to reinvent the "wearable technology."

Almost a year after Girard-Perregaux unveiled the Tri-Axial Tourbillon complication in 18k pink gold (hands-on here), the company has just released its more modern twin in white gold. You may have missed last year's quiet entrance as Girard-Perregaux placed much attention on the new Constant Escapement series; however, with the introduction of the timepiece in white gold, the focus is now once again on the Girard-Perregaux Tri-Axial Tourbillon.

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Each of these full pave watches come exclusively in 18k white gold cases, where up to literally a few dozen carats of diamonds will be set. The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph 44mm will have 53 carats of stones on the case and bracelet and another 6.53 carats of stones on the dial. That is almost 60 total carats of diamonds and hundreds of baguette-cut diamonds. Unfortunately, the jewelry version of this and the other Royal Oak Offshore watches alters the water resistance of the cases to only 20 meters. You might want to call it a "Royal Oak Onshore" in that case.

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Consumers (for the most part) aren't going to recall the reference numbers of watches, so brands have a vested interest in creating easy to remember names for their products that consumers can hear (or read) just a few times and commit to memory. Having said that, as part of the Ball Engineer Master II collection this reference GM3090C-SAJ-BK or GM3090C-LLAJ-BK (depending on the strap) is 43.5mm wide in steel, and just 11.9mm thick - making for a very wearable albeit modern sport watch, available on a leather strap or good-looking steel metal bracelet.

Inside the watch is the in-house made in Glashutte, Germany, A. Lange & Söhne caliber L952.1 manually wound movement. With a total 556 hand-finished parts, a peek through the sapphire crystal on the rear of the case is a little bit of watch porn heaven and no one makes a movement pop quite like A. Lange & Söhne. The movement is very classic with its 18,000 bph hour frequency, versus something a bit more modern.

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JK: Sometimes I go to estate sales to pick up something - we picked up these very rare wall clocks with the beautiful cloisonné dials at an estate sale. And sometimes I trade with other collectors.

Justin Rose Is New Hublot Watches Ambassador As Brand Enters World Of Golf Watch Industry News Justin Rose Is New Hublot Watches Ambassador As Brand Enters World Of Golf Watch Industry News

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Earlier this year, we brought you news of a fresh G-Shock release, which was Casio's – and in fact the world's – first wrist watch to incorporate a hybrid movement that would allow the watch to sync the exact time both through atomic clock radio signals and GPS satellites. Recently, Casio has announced three new models, all versions of the Casio OCW-G1000 models from the Casio Oceanus collection, which will receive the same novel hybrid movement that we saw make its debut in the G-Shock GPW-1000. This heavy-hitter combination of the more elegant Casio Oceanus line and the unique feature-set of the movement certainly is designed to be Casio's answer to Seiko's Astron Solar GPS watches (which we reviewed here).

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Sure, the hands are quite short, but then again, more than half of the indices are missing, having been sacrificed for the sake of substantially sized apertures, showing off some of the key features of this highly complicated creation. Perhaps the most interesting – and more scarcely encountered – of the two openings is the one located in the top left corner, reserved to display the three hammers of the carillon chiming mechanism.

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ABTW: Was this a watch that you kept, or did you pass it along?

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Save the date – “It’s About TIME” will be coming to a city near you:

At the other end of the movement are the turbines, which are linked to the automatic rotor of the watch. The four semi-spherical turbines are each composed of 15 curved vanes, machined into four solid hemispheres of aluminum. They had to be made from aluminum because it is light enough to be quickly spun by the movement of the platinum winding rotor (the edge of which, you will see peaking into the image just above).

I asked George what his relationship was with Rolex proper and whether it was non-existent or hostile. The look on his face more or less said it all. A darkness fell over his typically cheerful smile that I only now feel that I fully understand. I have little doubt that the two companies have squabbled, but for George the fighting is probably something that he takes personally, outside of the business side of any dispute. If there is anyone that can stand up to Rolex's admittedly impressive legal might, it is Mr. Bamford. That, however, isn't what perhaps strikes Bamford the most. In George's mind, he is probably one of Rolex's biggest fans, not only expending huge amounts of time and resources dedicated to artistic re-visioning of their products, but also the last 10-11 years of his life. And to have it met with hostility is probably upsetting, to say the least.